My Video’s

The first three videos are slide shows with music documenting my 11 day, 3000 mile ride through 11 states down to Natchez Miss. along the Natchez Trace then back up along the Mississippi River to the confluence of that river with the Ohio. Then I headed back through Tennessee to the Smokies (mountains) to ride the Skyway, then up along the Blue Ridge Parkway to home. On this trip I discovered Clarkesdale, Miss. known as the Cross Roads of the Delta Blues. the trip also included parts of the Great River Road along the Mississippi and along most of the Delta Blues Trail, which starts and ends in Nashville, Tn.
The first three also include music sound tracks so please be sure to turn up the sound and enjoy.

Riding the Delta Blues – Part One

Riding the Delta Blues – Part Two

Riding the Delta Blues – Part Three
The next video shows a type of cloud formation known as “Cap Clouds” that form when the air temp and land temperature are different enough to cause the condensation in the cooler air passing over the peak which causes the clouds to form as seen.

Morning Clouds – Peaks of Otter Lodge