To Ride the Freedom Road

I ride the road of solitude,
The wind upon my face.
I sense the road beneath my feet,
As onward now I race.

The rhythm of the open road,
The freedom that it brings.
The motor adds it’s gentle note,
To the road song that it sings.

It lifts my spirit, fills my mind;
With joy that is unbound.
Releases me from all my cares,
With each new pleasure found.

I ride the freedom road alone,
As ever on I fly.
To find a new and quiet place,
Beneath the open sky.

The freedom of the open road,
My mind and soul released.
It brings such joy, such peace of mind;
Astride this gentle beast.

And even in my deepest sleep,
My soul rides on and then;
I waken to a bright new day,
And off I ride again.

This need to ride ingrained so deep,
As surely it must be.
I can’t resist, nor wish to try,
I ride and am set free.

I know that when I leave this world,
My soul will travel on.
To ever ride the open road,
As in life I was drawn.