Rider of Midnight

I arise with the moon-glow
to capture the night.
Escaping the city;
My spirit takes flight.

My worries and troubles
Now left far behind;
Frees my soul and my spirit
And unfetters my mind.

I’m the rider of moonbeams;
I’m the soul of the night.
I appear for the moment,
Then I burst out of sight.

I’m the shadowy figure
That’s so rarely seen.
As I ride on forever,
While the rest merely dream.

I ride the bright orb
Shining high overhead.
Reflected in waters,
Blacker than lead.

I capture the starlight
In the palm of my hand.
It envelops my senses,
With a bright shining band.

I’m the shadowy figure
You sense but can’t see.
I’m the rider of midnight;
I’m the night wind set free.

While the mist in the meadow
Lies so still in the night;
I’m the rider of moonbeams
Then I’m gone by first light.

I’m the rider of midnight,
As I flash round the bend.
I’m the rider of midnight,
On a ride without end!