I Ride the Seasons of my Youth

I ride the seasons, one and all;
Summer, winter, spring and fall.
I search the back roads of my youth;
Within each find a single truth.
To satisfy this passion deep;
That lies within, and never sleeps.

I ride the winter, harsh and still;
Past sleeping farms, past frozen hill.
Past frost tipped meadows still and cold;
I ride forever, strong and bold!
Thru frosted air that clings to bone;
I ride the winter all alone.

I ride the spring (I have no choice);
Each living thing and I rejoice.
In warmth of Sun and gentle breeze;
That thaws the fingers of the trees.
The fields awake, as birds take wing;
I ride on thru a timeless spring.

I ride the summer, hot and bright;
Thru heat of day, and warmth of night.
The brilliant fields of summer bloom;
Dispels the last of winters gloom.
And so I ride throughout the days;
And weave through summer’s endless maze.

I ride the fall, so cool and clear;
And know that winter soon will near.
The trees in colors now reveal;
That winter soon will come to steal.
Their splendor that it must recall;
So ever on I ride the fall! 

I ride the seasons, one and all;
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
Revisit roads from my lost youth;
And find again that simple truth.
This passion still with me deep;
Will never rest nor ever sleep.