Evening Shadows

Evening shadows pass
Twilight strung between barren trees.
I follow the road
Twisting and rising
Falling and curving

Descending through the evening
The road and waters merge

I stop.

Mist meets the waters edge
Defining the shoreline
Inverted images of naked trees
Dance upon the still blackness

Crescent moon
Joined now by the first of the night wanders
Reflections on still waters
I sit and absorb
Amazed by all I see.

Water flattened by thinning ice
Shimmers of distant lights
Warm fires burning in houses
Strung along the line where water meets earth

Orion’s belt
Makes its first impression
Mighty warrior of the sky
Protecting all
Does anyone see?
Or is it just for me?

I ride on

Authors Note:

This is a poem I wrote about an evening ride down a small two-lane black top close to where I live that crosses a narrow section of the Occoquan Reservoir. I stoppedĀ  and sat on the bridge to enjoy the last rays of dusk, and later that night wrote this poem. This is my first attempt at a free form poem.