Back Roads Rider(s)

In the deep of the night;
In light of the sun;
I will ride the back roads,
Till my life it is done.

Through the fog of the morn;
Through the rain and the snow;
I ride back country roads,
As forever I go.

On a cold winter day;
On a bright summer one;
I ride the black line,
As I chase down the sun..

Past the small lonely towns;
Past a tall granite hill;
I ride asphalt and tar,
And time just stands still.

All the roads that I’ve seen;
All the roads yet to ride;
We can share them together,
Like the Wind and the Tide.

Down a dark forest road;
Down a lane cut through stone;
As we ride the back roads,
We are never alone.

In an instant of time;
We have both come and gone;
We are Driven you see,
So we Must travel on.