Things Adandoned, Forgotten, or simply Discarded

As I wander the back roads, more often than not by Motorcycle, I often come across some item that has been left unused to rot or rust and fall apart lying about in fields or forested areas. They can range anywhere from old homes, barns, farm equipment, cars to objects so decrepit one is not quite sure what it might once have been or what purpose it served. Such objects or structures often provide some interesting photo ops and when possible I will stop and try take pictures and often find myself wondering about their purpose, who once may have used it and why it now lies in ruins. This is especially true when I see abandoned homes, who lived there and what sort life might have lived. And it is not always the case that some homes are in fact abandoned, what might a first glance appear uninhabitable, on second look there might be smoke rising from the chimney, or fresh laundry hanging out to try. And at times I have come across abandoned things in the heart of the biggest cities, so you never quite know where you may find some worthy photographic subject, you simply need to take the time to Look!